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Huge Selection of Outdoor BBQ’s For Sale
Buy Your Perfect Barbecue in Melbourne from Bare Outdoors

Bare Outdoors is one of the leading BBQ retailers in Melbourne, we offer a huge selection of BBQ options ranging in many different sizes and styles utilizing both gas, wood and charcoal fuels. Our selection of BBQs for sale in Melbourne offer the latest barbecue designs, functionality and craftsmanship. The Bare Outdoor Barbeque collection will fit perfectly in your properties outdoor area giving your family and guests a fabulous outdoor cooking experience.

  • CROSSRAY 2-Burner BBQ Outdoor Kitchen
    Save 16%
    Original price $4,500.00
    Current price $3,799.00

    CROSSRAY 2-Burner BBQ Outdoor Kitchen

    For a limited time, the CROSSRAY 2-Burner BBQ Outdoor Kitchen is back and better than ever. Our all-weather zinc-coated and powder-coated cabinets ...

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    Original price $4,500.00
    Current price $3,799.00
    Save 16%

Australian Made Barbecues With Great Craftsmanship From The Top Online BBQ Store In Melbourne

We are one of the most highly regarded online BBQ stores in Melbourne for good reason. All of our barbecues are handcrafted with care and precision by skilled craftsmen using Australia’s premium-grade materials and technology.

Regardless of if you are looking for an electric BBQ for sale or a cheap gas BBQ for sale in Melbourne we have years of knowledge and expertise to help guide you throughout the decision making process when deciding on the best choice for your outdoor Barbecue cooking needs and requirements. Please don't hesitate to contact our team today if you have any questions about our BBQ supplies and products.

The Number One Leading Outdoor BBQ Retailer Melbourne Has to Offer 

Located in Tullamarine, Victoria, Bare Outdoors is one of the most trusted BBQ retailers in Melbourne. We are conveniently located in 1/ 13 Lindaway Place Tullamarine, Victoria 3043, offering a vast array of outdoor BBQ supplies in Melbourne and surrounding areas. If you are ever down our way, we’d love to give you a remarkable BBQ showroom experience where we have a bespoke range of top Australia BBQ models, and other outdoor outdoor kitchen appliances on display. 

There’s nothing quite like cooking up a BBQ feast in the great outdoors when it comes to entertaining guests. We have an extensive range of outdoor BBQs Melbourne customers love from outdoor grills to wood burning BBQs, smoker, and gas BBQ grills. All of our Barbecues are available in a plethora of different sizes and dimensions to suit your outdoor space perfectly. 

Wide Selection Of Electric, Gas & Charcoal Barbeque Grills In Melbourne

If you are looking to buy a gas barbeque for your outdoor area? Bare Outdoors offers outdoor BBQ appliances and items of all shapes, sizes, and types. We also have burner BBQ with side burner and charcoal BBQ Melbourne residents love and trust for years. Bare outdoors provide a vast array of all shapes, sizes, and every barbecue accessory you could ever need. 

If you are looking to get the best BBQ Melbourne residents trust, you have come to the right place. Our top-rated selection of reasonably priced BBQ grills is easy to maintain because they come pre-seasoned right out the gate. We also have cheap gas BBQ for sale so you can get ready to enjoy some outdoor cooking experiences with friends and family. 

There is nothing better than the sweet and savory taste of a perfectly grilled steak. You can get this mouth-watering flavor at your next backyard barbecue with Bare Outdoors’ best outdoor charcoal grill. From electric BBQs for sale to a classic stainless steel bbq grill you will find the best barbecue products at Bare Outdoors to suit your preference. Use our free consultation and receive highly informative information about our latest deals and the huge variety of products we stock. 

Order Our Barbeque Supplies Online With Confidence

Are you looking to buy barbeque online but can't find a BBQ store in Melbourne which caters to your specific needs? Bare Outdoors is one of the most trusted and popular outdoor BBQs grill supply stores in Melbourne, Australia for all your grilling needs. We are a one-stop-shop for Barbecue products and accessories to make your next outdoor barbeque experience an unforgettable one! Our extensive collection of high-quality products include top-notch grills, wood, smokers, accessory kits, making up a full range of BBQs for sale at lowest most competitive prices in Melbourne. 

Barbecues At The Lowest Prices - Find Out More About The Bare Outdoors BBQ Price Promise 

Choosing the right grill doesn’t have to be difficult. With years of experience and being one of the leading online BBQ shops in Melbourne our team has curated a range of popular brands which will tantilate every Melbourne Barbecue outdoor cooking enthusiast. Each product has been carefully vetted and thoroughly tested in a wide variety of outdoor cooking conditions by our own staff to ensure the BBQs for sale in Melbourne we offer will never let you down.

When shopping for cheap barbecues via other BBQ shops in Melbourne you need to be careful you are not going to buy a BBQ product which will fall short of your expectations. Here at Bare Outdoors our BBQ sales experts will make sure you receive a far more superior BBQ product which will exceed your expectations and will be a trusted companion for outdoor cookouts for years to come. Get the latest news and product updates from the most affordable BBQ sales Melbourne shop that does not cut corners on quality.

Contact The Team At Our Melbourne BBQ Shop If You Have Any Question

If you are looking for a vast selection of barbecues for sale for any Australian outdoor kitchens, we offer just the perfect range of outdoor items that will surely suit your needs, no matter your size preference and budget requirements. Committed to delivering customer satisfaction, our team will be happy to provide a friendly attentive service, provide expert product knowledge and offer delivery within 24-hour to anywhere in Australia. 

Being one of the most popular online BBQ shops who offer cheap BBQs, Melbourne residents have trusted us for many years with their outdoor cooking needs. We love meeting with customers so they see our products up-close and helping them with the decision making process. Being fully fledged Barbecue loving Aussies ourselves we fully understand the importance of which barbecue brand and product to invest in for your backyard space, so we are here to help every step of the way. Contact us today and make an appointment so we can show you our beautiful inventory without any distractions. To speak with one of our friendly specialists, you can send us an email Sales@Bareoutdoors.Com.Au or call us directly at (03) 9013 5303 for more details.

Buy Outdoor Barbecue Online Today With Quick & Fast Delivery Across the Melbourne Area 

Outdoor kitchens have quickly become the norm in most Australian family homes. No matter what size barbecue you need, we have got you covered. Take your grilling experience to new heights with these amazing new additions to your outdoor kitchen. With our expert customer service, unprecedented warehouse inventory, and 24-hour delivery time frame, any day, any time.
Best of all, we have the lowest price guarantee that you will not find in any BBQs Melbourne store. Browse our easy-to-navigate website to get a full view of popular bbq grills on sale. If you need help or more information about the price and range of our outdoor items, get help from one of our customer representatives today.

Outdoor BBQ for Sale Melbourne FAQs

What is the best BBQ to buy in Melbourne?

A stainless steel BBQ grill isn't just a good-looking addition to your patio, it also boasts many benefits that you'll love. Stainless steel grills are considered the best barbeque to buy, unlike cast iron ones, simply because they are safe and easy to clean. They are excellent for situations when you don't have time to wait around because they can preheat quickly. 

Stainless BBQs are perfect for every family due to their remarkable properties. These types of BBQs products are rust-resistant due to their chromium content which doesn't leave them susceptible to corrosion as regular metal does. If you have some popular brands in mind, one of our team will be happy to discuss the most popular BBQ for sale at low prices and the best deals available. 

What is the best BBQ brand in Australia?

Bare Outdoor's robust range of barbecues, from charcoal, stainless steel, to small barbeques grill with a variety of designs including shiny chrome for premium interior spaces. Choose between two or six burners in every model! Built-ins come with styles to seamlessly compliment any outdoor area while certain models additionally include side burner options. Our BBQs for sale in Melbourne creates an ideal outdoor kitchen space where you can cook up delicious food easily without tiring yourself out on those hot summer days. Speak with one of our friendly staff for a free consultation. 

Why are gas barbecue grills better than charcoal BBQs?

We aim to bring a new level of comfort and ease to your backyard eating experience with our range of grill units. Made for all-season use, gas grills are perfect if you’re looking for an easy heat source that gives fast results without sacrificing taste or quality. 

Our range of small gas BBQ for sale have become increasingly popular in recent years because they provide instant heating as opposed to charcoal. The convenience factor does not stop there though; gas barbecue grills also require less work when cleaning-up, with removable drip trays so nothing ends up messy. 

If you’re looking to buy a BBQ in Melbourne which will last for years to come our BBQs products are perfect for you. All of us here at Base Outdoors have one goal in mind to give you, your family and friends the best possible Melbourne BBQ experience. That's why we've stock the most advanced and user-friendly BBQs for sale at low prices. Our Melbourne barbecue products amplify simplicity and convenience as the top priority so that you can enjoy advanced features without sacrificing quality.

What is the best home BBQ to buy online in Melbourne? 

Here at Bare Outdoors, we have a vast range of safe-to-use and dependable home BBQs that you can use to spice up your backyard party. If you're looking to buy a gas barbeque for your home, we offer gas BBQs with six to eight burner options and other advanced features that you will not find elsewhere.We also have an extensive range of wood and charcoal burning BBQs all delivered quickly throughout Melbourne.