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Gas & Wood Fired Portable Outdoor Pizza Ovens Melbourne

Here at Bare Outdoors we have carefully procured a range of state of the art and highly functional pizza ovens for sale in Melbourne. If you are looking for a home pizza oven solution from the top brands in the industry such as Polito and Gozney you have come to the right place. Portable and highly versatile, our indoor and outdoor pizza ovens in Melbourne will reignite your craving for home-cooked pizzas and turn your property into the go to venue for pizza loving friends and family.

Melbourne's Top Portable Pizza Oven Supplier Ideal for Outdoors & Indoors 

Enjoy a freshly baked pizza with your family and friends, but instead of cooking it using the usual kitchen oven, you can have your folks over to your backyard or patio for a cookout. Let them watch you cook their favourite traditional Italian pizza with the best portable pizza oven in the coastal capital of Vic, Australia. If baking pizza is part of your family’s weekly routine, and if it’s something you would want to include in parties and family gatherings, then you would definitely want an outdoor pizza oven. We have gas pizza ovens and wood fired pizza ovens for sale that are also perfect for commercial use, helping chefs perfect their pizza cooking for the most picky customer. When it gets too hot or rainy outside your home, pizza oven indoor cooking is also possible. The pizza ovens we have on offer are portable, and unlike electric ones, they don’t need to be plugged into an outlet, so you can easily move them anywhere.

We Stock the Top Pizza Oven Brands Including Polito & Gozney

Make more heartwarming and fun memories in your backyard with your folks or elevate customer experience in your restaurant with our range of portable and free-standing gas and wood burning pizza ovens from top brands in Australia, each offered at a great price. Continuing our efforts in enhancing your outdoor space experience, we have added these pizza ovens that can take the heat way better than electric ones. They’re a great alternative for a barbecue grill, especially for moments that call for a celebration. With wood fired ovens, you use hardwood for that authentic wood fired crunch pizza, while gas-fueled ones only require you to turn it on, let it preheat, and you'll be ready to cook. We have ovens such as the Gozney Roccbox pizza oven, which can use both types of fuel. Our wood fired Polito ovens are just as efficient, and the brand provides an installation service if necessary. Great for both home and commercial use, you won’t go wrong with the Gozney and Polito brands.

Enjoy Polito’s Giotto Wood Fired Portable Pizza Oven Ideal for Indoors or Outdoor Use

If you’re looking for a portable wood fired pizza oven for sale in Melbourne, Australia that’s worth the money, here’s Polito’s Giotto, a light, portable wood fired pizza oven that makes it easy to take the cooking indoors, outdoors, and even in your trailer or food van. With its sleek, stylish and compact design, it’s perfect when you’re short on space. Being wood fired, it produces more heat than a gas and electric oven. It’s self-cleaning, as its heat allows it to burn away any residues, there won’t be a need to wash the oven’s interior and scrub and peel off any burnt pizza part that would have gotten stuck inside it. It’s waterproof, durable, crack-resistant, rust-proof, and comes in a range of colours to fit your indoor and outdoor aesthetics. For further convenience, you may want to include its accessories or add-ons, which are its four types of stands - the standard stand, the stand extension, the stand wheels, and the bench stand. Another great thing about the wood fired oven is that it can also grill and cook other types of food, which is why the Polito Giotto pizza oven price is truly worth it. Polito also provides an installation service.

Check Out The Donatello II Outdoor Wood Pizza Oven From Polito

If you want the traditional way of cooking pizzas which doesn't take up much space, the compact Donatello 2 pizza oven is for you. As with any wood fired oven in Australia, this light and portable wood fire pizza oven produces more heat than gas and electric ones. Simple to set up, the Australian-made Donatello pizza oven is great for outdoor bench use or with an optional stand - you can choose from round, tower and hexa stands. You can choose from a range of colours that easily blends with your existing décor. Polito has created this oven out of premium quality materials to ensure that it is durable and weatherproof. It also comes with an impressive warranty.

Try Gozney’s Roccbox Gas Pizza Oven For The Ultimate Portable Pizza Cooking Experience

If you find it hard to decide on whether you should go for portable wood or gas pizza ovens, the right one for you is Gozney’s Roccbox. A game-changer when it comes to radical food technology inventions in Australia, the stainless steel personal-sized oven can switch between wood fire and gas for fuel. Its removal gas burner replicates wood flame and achieves the temperature you want for your cooking at the turn of a dial. Also perfect for commercial use, it has a stone bottom that retains heat, allowing you to cook more pizzas in a shorter amount of time. It has a thermometer that tells you it’s ready to cook. It comes with accessories or tools such as a professional grade pizza peel as well as an optional wood burner, perfect if you want the experience of cooking using wood fire. The free-standing oven has retractable legs that ensures stability as well as ease in transport and storage, and if it has a heavy duty strap for easy lifting in and out of the box. Its silicon outer shell protects it from the elements and at the same time keeps the heat inside, so you won’t burn your skin when you touch the exterior. The Gozney team will also be happy to help you set it up. Put simply, if you're looking for a serious portable pizza oven in Melbourne the Gozney’s Roccbox is for you. 

Fast Delivery Guaranteed for All Our Outdoor Pizza Ovens Across the Melbourne Area 

With these free-standing pizza ovens for sale, Melbourne backyards have become more fun and more memorable, so grab yours now while supplies last and we will have it delivered at your door right away, wherever you are in Melbourne, Australia. If the total price of your orders reach over AUD $5000, excluding GST, you won’t be paying any of the shipping cost. However, free shipping is applicable only to the capital cities of Australia at the moment. Shipping of the outdoor pizza oven within Australia occurs Monday to Friday. If you require delivery outside business hours, please notify us in advance prior to the delivery date. Please call our customer service team for more shipping information.

Find Out About Our Selection of Portable Pizza Ovens For Sale In Melbourne Today 

We would be happy to show you why our range of free-standing portable ovens are better than electric ones. With their amazing pizza cooking capabilities, allowing you to even grill and cook anything reinforced with durability characteristics, among others, the price we offer for gas and wood fired ovens is quite a steal! Learn more about each portable pizza oven for sale, including the benefits of a gas or wood fired oven. Call Bare Outdoors now, and we would be happy to answer any questions, including ones about oven accessories and shipping cost.

Contact Bare Outdoors to See Our Gas and Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

If you want to see our range of restaurant quality gas and wood fired pizza ovens in person, please contact us to set an appointment to visit our Melbourne warehouse, which is located at 1/ 13 Lindaway Place Tullamarine, Vic 3043. We are open weekdays from 9am to 5:30pm, and on Saturdays, between 10am and 2pm.

Mobile Outdoor & Indoor Pizza Ovens Melbourne FAQs

What are the best outdoor pizza ovens in Melbourne?

There are at least two brands vying for the top spot when it comes to the best quality outdoor pizza oven, and these are Gozney and Polito. Both strive to help every Australian create maximum flavour of pizzas with ovens that are built to last. Gozney’s Roccbox pizza ovens are professional grade, incorporating advanced user-friendly technology to help you cook incredible food. Polito, on the other hand, is inspired by traditional Italian ovens that use wood fire. Their Giotto and Donatello II ovens are light, stylish and portable. Polito also offers to design and build custom commercial ovens. For more information, including questions, please call Bare Outdoors.

Which is best a gas or wood pizza oven?

When it comes to convenience, ease and cleanest to use, gas pizza ovens are for you. There’s no ash to clean after, unlike ovens that use wood fire. The gas inflow is also easy to control and the temperature required for cooking your favourite pizza is reached faster. Ovens that are fueled by wood fire are among the oldest and the most common ones. Those who want authentic, flavor-rich pizzas prefer a wood fired one. The wood fire used to fuel the oven provides the pizza crust with a smoky flavour. These pizza ovens don’t need to be connected to a propane tank and are great for camping or in any remote location. Ovens that use wood fire are slightly hotter than most electric ovens and are mostly cheaper than gas grills. For the best gas and wood pizza oven for sale, contact Bare Outdoors.

How good is the Roccbox portable outdoor pizza oven? 

The Roccbox portable pizza oven is the ideal stainless steel outdoor pizza oven, especially for pizza aficionados who want hot, fresh, authentic Neapolitan-style pizzas in under two minutes. Perfect for restaurant pizza chefs as well as for home use, the sturdy and compact Roccbox retains heat and is great for cooking pizza after pizza. It has an inbuilt thermometer to tell you it’s ready to start cooking, and you have the option to use either gas or wood fire. It has body insulation. It has an outer silicon jacket, so you won’t have to worry about the heat of the oven burning your skin when you touch it. This easy to clean portable gas and wood fire pizza oven has foldable legs and removable dual-fuel burners for easy storage.

Can I use the Giotto mobile pizza oven indoors as well as outside?

The Giotto portable wood oven is ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. Waterproof and weather-proof, has a compact design that’s perfect for small spaces. It’s sleek and stylish design comes in a range of colours that would fit well with the theme you have in the kitchen as well as in your outdoor spaces. Whether you are going for a rustic, traditional, modern or industrial chic look, rest assured your Giotto pizza oven won’t stick out like a sore thumb. If you’re looking for a mobile pizza oven for sale, drop by Bare Outdoors. We have a wide range of ovens at different prices.