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Pre-built Outdoor BBQ Kitchens & Custom Outdoor Kitchens Melbourne

If you and your folks are barbecue aficionados, it’s time to upgrade that lone BBQ grill in your alfresco area to the most functional, comfy and aesthetically pleasing outdoor BBQ kitchen in Melbourne. Bring outdoor cooking to the next level with a custom built outdoor kitchen configured to your taste, requirements and available space. Transform your outdoor space into an elegant alfresco kitchen now with a custom built outdoor kitchen.

  • CROSSRAY 2-Burner BBQ Outdoor Kitchen
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    Original price $4,500.00
    Current price $3,799.00

    CROSSRAY 2-Burner BBQ Outdoor Kitchen

    For a limited time, the CROSSRAY 2-Burner BBQ Outdoor Kitchen is back and better than ever. Our all-weather zinc-coated and powder-coated cabinets ...

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    Original price $4,500.00
    Current price $3,799.00
    Save 16%

Experience The Dream Of Outdoor Living With A Modern Outdoor Kitchen From Bare Outdoors 

There are lots of reasons to add an alfresco outdoor kitchen to your home. It’s the perfect place to cook that juicy BBQ steak you're suddenly craving and enjoy it with friends and family. Even with just a small outdoor kitchen, you get to relish the beauty of nature and the beautiful weather while munching on that steak, and you get to have a bigger place to be able to entertain guests. With outdoor alfresco kitchens, bringing family and friends together over BBQ would be tons of fun. To help you create one of the dream outdoor alfresco kitchens that you are proud to call yours, Bare Outdoors offers a range of options for outdoor kitchens. Want outdoor kitchens with warranty? We have outdoor kitchens backed by warranty, courtesy of our outdoor kitchens Melbourne specialists.

Luxury Custom Made Outdoor Kitchens from Alfresco Designed & Fitted Throughout Melbourne 

Outdoor alfresco kitchens can be whatever you want them to be, and among the most trusted when it comes to transforming an alfresco kitchen in Melbourne is LimeTree Alfresco Outdoor Kitchens. This outdoor kitchen designer effortlessly blends luxury with practicality to bring the elegance of your indoor kitchen outdoors. Their outdoor kitchens are weather-proof, made so by materials that can withstand the elements. Their custom BBQ solutions, elegant cabinet colour choices and kitchen surfaces such as stone countertops will take backyard grilling to the next level for unforgettable family meals and weekend parties.

Custom or Modular Pre-Built Stainless Steel Gas Outdoor BBQ Kitchens by Mojito Kitchens

With a well-designed alfresco kitchen, you would want to spend more time with your folks. To provide as many options as possible when it comes to creating an alfresco BBQ kitchen Melbourne families could enjoy, the Bare Outdoors team has also partnered with Mojito Outdoor Kitchens. Outdoor kitchens by Mojito are made to order, whether it’s full customisation or reproductions of their existing range of outdoor kitchen package designs, which also feature gas outdoor kitchen options and offer warranty. They create, assemble and deliver your dream kitchen using the best materials, such as stainless steel, and each cabinet door is impact and weather-resistant, to ensure you get to enjoy many years of easy and fun outdoor cooking with your loved ones.

Find Out More About Our Collection Of Melbourne Outdoor Kitchen Products & Design Options 

To learn more about the outdoor kitchens we have on offer, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team would be happy to answer questions on outdoor kitchen kits, fridge, burner and warranty, and provide you with any information not found on this site. To see our range of products in person, clients are required to schedule an appointment before visiting our site in Melbourne, Vic. If you want to create a high-quality, weather-proof outdoor kitchen, the Bare Outdoors team is the one to call. Your dream outdoor kitchen will soon be right by your door.

Outdoor Kitchen Melbourne Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to build an outdoor kitchen in Melbourne?

Depending on the size as well as the inclusion, custom outdoor kitchen prices can be between $7,000 and $50,000, or even more. The usual outdoor kitchens in Melbourne can cost up to $10,000 to create. To keep costs low, outdoor alfresco kitchens can be built attached to indoor kitchens.

Does an outdoor kitchen need to be covered?

While outdoor kitchens in Melbourne are designed with materials that allow them to withstand the Australian weather, they still require protection, but not as much as indoor ones. Outdoor kitchens require at least one wall as protection from the elements, especially the rain.

Can you use a regular grill in an outdoor kitchen?

You can use a regular grill in your BBQ outdoor kitchen. However, before installing it in your outdoor kitchen area, you have to remove the folding work surface sides. Don’t forget to check the guide to know the recommended space around the grill so as not to disrupt airflow. The supplier will be able to help you choose the right outdoor kitchen grill for your outdoor kitchen design.

What is a modular outdoor kitchen?

Modern outdoor alfresco kitchens usually come in a modular design. They consist of sleek, stunning and functional modular units, with each unit fitted to create the skeleton of your outside kitchen. Being pre-fabricated, modular outdoor kitchens won’t require you to hire contractors to create a permanent structure and it only takes a few hours to complete the setup of the entire cabinetry in your alfresco area. Modular outdoor kitchens allow you to create an appealing and functional modern kitchen that leaves less room for clutter.