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Discover the Coziness of Wood Heaters
Buy Your Perfect Wood Heater in Melbourne from Bare Outdoors

Experience unparalleled comfort and warmth on chilly Melbourne winter days with the enchanting glow of a wood heater. These versatile heating solutions not only provide efficient warmth but also enhance the ambiance of any home, drawing loved ones close for memorable gatherings.

Choosing the ideal wood heater for your space entails considering various factors, such as your home's size, insulation, and existing heating sources. With an array of exceptional wood heaters available, navigating the selection process can be overwhelming. Let us simplify it for you and assist in selecting the perfect focal point for your home.

At Bare Outdoors we offer an extensive range of wood heaters, including freestanding and inbuilt options, alongside fireplace accessories.

Freestanding Wood Heaters: Elevate Your Space

Freestanding wood heaters come in various styles, finishes, and colors, catering to diverse preferences. Traditional designs seamlessly complement classic homes, while minimalist styles offer a contemporary aesthetic for modern interiors. Explore our selection of freestanding wood fires to find the perfect match for your home.

Inbuilt Wood Heaters: Space-Saving Efficiency

Inbuilt wood heaters offer space-saving solutions and versatile installation opportunities. Whether integrated into an existing fireplace or mounted within timber framing, these heaters optimize heat distribution and complement your home's layout. Explore our range of inbuilt wood fires to discover innovative heating solutions.

Heating Capacity: Tailored Comfort

Selecting the right wood heater depends on your space's heating requirements. Whether heating a single room or an entire home, understanding heating capacity ensures optimal comfort without unnecessary energy consumption. Our straightforward measurement system simplifies the process of choosing the perfect wood heater for your space.

Efficiency Matters: Save Energy, Stay Cozy

Efficiency is paramount when selecting a wood heater, influencing both energy consumption and cost savings. Our range of wood heaters boasts impressive efficiency ratings, ranging from 55% to 85%, ensuring substantial savings on wood consumption. Consider factors such as initial purchase price, heater quality, and visual appeal to make an informed decision for your home.

Transform Your Living Space with Freestanding Wood Heaters

Enhance your home's ambiance and warmth with a freestanding wood heater, an ideal solution for spaces without existing fireplaces. Choose between radiant and convection wood heaters to suit your heating preferences and space requirements. Explore our diverse selection of freestanding wood heaters and embrace cozy living all year round.


Can a wood stove heat the whole house?
Yes, larger wood stoves with adequate heating capacity can effectively warm entire homes when strategically placed and operated.

How do wood heaters work?
Wood heaters burn wood fuel, generating heat that radiates into the surrounding space. Air intake controls combustion, while flues expel smoke.

What wood burner is the best?
The best wood burner varies based on factors like heating needs, efficiency, and budget. Our best selling wood heater is our Free Standing Wood Fire Heater with Bakers Oven & Cook Top